Studia Theologica, 2016 (roč. 18), číslo 1

Theology and Religion

Am 3,3-8: obhajoba proroka, nebo charakteristika Božího slova v knize Ámos?

Am 3:3-8. Apology of a Prophet, or a Characterization of God's Word in the Book of Amos?

Adam Mackerle

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):1-19 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.001

The passage in the Book of Amos 3:3-8 is often understood as Amos' apology for his own prophetic mission, arguing that Amos (like any other of God's prophets) had no choice but to proclaim God's message when the Lord talked to him. After a detailed analysis of the passage, its structure, words and especially its internal logic and also taking in consideration the context of the entire third chapter, the author proposes a somewhat different interpretation. The text from Amos characterizes the nature of God's word of judgement present in the third chapter and in the Book of Amos as a whole. It explains the Lord's decision to punish expressed in 3:1-2...

Racionalita ako základ duchovného rozvoja: Analýza alegorickej exegézy v Živote Mojžiša II,1-18 od Gregora z Nyssy

Rationality as the Basis of Spiritual Development: An Analysis of Allegorical Exegesis in the Life of Moses II,1-18 by Gregory of Nyssa

Helena Panczová

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):21-32 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.002

Gregory of Nyssa's allegorical exegesis in the Life of Moses II,1-18 is extremely coherent and well structured. There is one main idea - the development of human ra¬tionality. This is expressed in three images demonstrating its gradual growth and final sovereignty: the baby boy threatened with death, a Hebrew fighting with an Egyptian, and a shepherd tending sheep. A supporting stream of images speaks about the changing role of profane culture in this process (the ark and Pharaoh's daughter, the Hebrew and the Egyptian, and Moses at the water sources in Madiam). The passage ends with the image of the sovereign rule of reason as the basic prerequisite...

Niekoľko postrehov k liturgickej "reforme" Jozafáta Kunceviča

A Few Remarks on the Liturgical "Reform" of Josaphat Kuncevič

Šimon Marinčák

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):33-41 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.003

The Archbishop of Polotsk Josaphat Kuncevič supposedly supervised over the editorial work on the liturgicon published in Vilnius in 1617, although the references sug¬gesting this do not appear very persuasive. Such a reference, however, cannot be neglected and a survey of the sources is consequently necessary. The present paper demonstrates the extent of Josaphat's reforming efforts in the liturgical ritual, based on three documents of his authorship, the Catechismus, the Regulae, and the Constitutiones. The liturgicon Vilnius of 1617 has also been examined. A comparison of Jospahat's intentions published in his documents with the liturgicon Vilnius...

Stvoření a(neb) příroda: K hermeneutickému přístupu raně novověké teologie ve vztahu k přírodní vědě

Creation and(or) Nature: On the Hermeneutical Approach of Early Modern theology in Relation to the Natural Sciences

Lucie Kolářová

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):43-62 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.004

The text examines Early Modern theology's explanation of the world and nature in the context of the gradually differing hermeneutical approach of the natural sciences. Using the criterion of systematic theoretical difference, distinguishing from an objectivi-sing and performative perspective, it reflects on the nature of the approaches of theology and natural science as they are being shaped in the Late Middle Ages (Nicholas of Cusa, nominalism) and during the Early Modern period (theologia naturalis, Baroque scholasti¬cism). The text refers to the interconnectedness at the time of metaphysical rationality with the religious world-view and looks...

Získanie príslušnosti k cirkvi sui iuris podľa platného zákonodárstva katolíckej cirkvi

Ascription in a sui iuris Church in the Current Legislation of the Catholic Church

Miroslav Adam

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):63-80 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.005

The author intends to analyse the discipline of the ascription of a certain sui iuris Church and the passage from a certain sui iuris Church to another after the promulga¬tion of the Codex Iuris Canonici of 1983 and of the Codex Canonum Ecclesiarum Orientalium of 1990. The traditional rule that children belong to the rite of the father, in a marriage in which the parents belong to different sui iuris Churches, has never been questioned in canon law. After the promulgation of the CIC and the CCEO, which contemplate the pos¬sibility of the ascription of children in the sui iuris Church to which the mother belongs "… si ambo parentes concordi...

Diakonie v perspektivě teorie sociálních systémů

Diakonia from the Point of View of the Social Systems Theory

Karel Šimr

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):81-95 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.006

This article is devoted to the differentiation of diakonia in modern society based on Niklas Luhmann's social systems theory. It first addresses the inner differentiation of the religious system, the framework of which is to assign diakonia the task of creating a re¬lationship to other systems of society. Dierk Starnitzke attempts to formulate theologically a diakonia-code which facilitates diakonia in order to receive input from other systems it relates to, while at the same time, maintaining its identity. The article further reflects on the formation of the diaconal work-structures at the three levels where social systems operate: interaction,...

Sociální a charitativní aktivity českobudějovických biskupů v letech 1785-1883

Social and Charity Activities of the Bishops of České Budějovice in 1785-1883

Rudolf Svoboda

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):97-114 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.007

The study deals with the social and charitable activities of the first four bishops of the Diocese of České Budějovice, Jan Prokop Schaaffgotsche (1785-1813), Konstantin Ernst Růžička (1815-1845), Josef Ondřej Lindauer (1846-1850) and Jan Valerián Jirsík (1851-1883). Caring for those in need was a prominent feature of their priestly and later episcopal careers. The study demonstrates their commitment to the gradual integration of social and charity activities within the diocese administrative system. It mainly emphasizes their positive role in the implementation of certain social project - the largest of which were related to care for ill and disabled...

Ústav "Stefania" a pôsobenie Anglických panien v Prešove v rokoch 1882-1918

The Institute "Stefania" and the Activity of the Sisters of Mary Ward in Prešov in 1882-1918

Miroslava Špaková

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):115-133 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.008

The positive impact of secularization lies in the restoration of those religious orders and congregations which were responsible for the education of youth in the 19th century. These orders founded schools for young girls who were educated in manners, Christian doctrine prepared for their role as mothers. In Prešov, part of former Hungary, at present a city in Slovakia, the sisters of Mary Ward established a finishing school. The study captures the internal development of the school from its beginning to the point of the establishment of the first Czechoslovak Republic. More types of schools were located within the institute which shaped the overall...

Psychické příčiny jako důvod neplatnosti manželství u církevního soudu v Olomouci v letech 1983-2013

Psychological Causes as the Reason for Nullity of Marriage in an Ecclesiastical Tribunal in Olomouc in the Years 1983-2013

Libor Botek

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):135-149 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.009

The article discusses the application of canon 1095 of the Code of Canon Law of 1983 in an ecclesiastical tribunal in Olomouc in the years 1983-2013. It presents the basic principles of application of that canon, and then makes an analysis of the application of this canon to the marriage cases resolved by the ecclesiastical tribunal in Olomouc. The article reflects on the reasons behind the increase in psychological causes of nullity of marriage in relation to other causes of marriage nullity. Possible reasons could be the absence of education involving sacrifice and the lack of positive examples for partnership and parental relationship in the primary...

Indické křesťanství, politika a sociální učení církve

Christianity in India, Politics and the Social Teaching of the Church

Roman Míčka

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):151-173 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.010

This article deals with the political context of Christianity in India and presents the situation for Christians in Indian society. It also reflects on the tradition of the sociocritical approach in Indian theology and its variations. It finally presents and reflects on the possibilities of applications of the social teaching of the Church in India, especially related to the social statements of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of India (CBCI) and the activities of the Church in the areas of education, health care and social work.

In memoriam prof. Miloslava Pojsla (8. května 1945 - 16. února 2016)

In memoriam prof. Miloslav Pojsl (8. May 1945 - 16. Fabruary 2016)

František X. Halas

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):175-183 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.011

Bibliografie prací prof. Miloslava Pojsla v letech 2005-2016

Prof. Miloslav Pojsl's Bibliography (2005-2016)

Tomáš Parma

Studia Theologica 2016, 18(1):185-194 | DOI: 10.5507/sth.2016.012



Denisa Červenková, Efrém David Jindráček, Marie Mackova, Jiří Kašný, Libor Procházka

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